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Name: Georgia Dale Email: 
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Country: RAPID CITY, SD  Date: 

Comment: Wonderful picture of you!

Name: Howell Grayson Email: 
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Country: NOBLE, OK  Date: 

Comment: Great website Bucky, hope to get up that way sometime to visit in person.

Name: Allen Hedgecock Email: 
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Country: WINSTON-SALEM, NC  Date: 

Comment: Great pics

Name: Guy Maberry Email: 
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Country: HILGER, MT  Date: 

Comment: You folks have a nice web page

Name: Lorena Derflinger Email: 
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Country: FAITH, SD  Date: 

Comment: Your new updated web site looks great.... Keep up the good work! We are so proud of you guys, glad you are our kids.

Name: Meridee Schuelke Email: 
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Country: FAITH, SD  Date: 

Comment: Hey guys, looks great. Love ya

Name: Angie White Email: 
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Country: BIRMINGHAM, AL  Date: 

Comment: Just stopping by!

Name: Doug and Melonie Hall Email: 
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Country: CUMBY, TX  Date: 

Comment: Just stopping by!

Name: Tammy Borton Email: 
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Country: INDIANAPOLIS, IN  Date: 

Comment: Awesome site...hope to see you soon.

Name: Jennifer Hale Email: 
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Country: LOUISVILLE, KY  Date: 

Comment: We enjoyed talking with you! The kids were impressed to meet someone that actually found a T-Rex

Name: Joe & Marcia Henderson Email: 
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Country: BLUE HILL, ME  Date: 

Comment: Just stopping by!

Name: Claudia Schrader Davis Email: 
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Country: MARTINSBURG, WV  Date: 

Comment: I am the first cousin of Wade. Haven\'t seen him for a long time. Understand he was here recently, sorry I missed him. Please send him my Love. Claudia

Name: BMasterJerry Email: 
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Country: GREENWOOD, IN  Date: 

Comment: Bucky owes me a steak dinner! ;)

Name: Keith & Amber Pomeroy Email: 
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Country: ARMSTRONG, B.C. CANADA  Date: 

Comment: We hope to make it to the sale in Billings.I noticed one of your mares is Tiger Leo bred. Our Sonitas Last son was out of a daughter of Tiger Leo.

Name: Chad Richardson Email: 
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Country: RED LODGE, MT  Date: 

Comment: Hey Guys, Just happened to come across your page and thought I would say hi! Hope you are all doing well!!!

Name: Sunny Taylor Email: 
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Country: KAYCEE, WY  Date: 

Comment: Hey, Bucky. Just came across your website and checked it out. You have a lot of irons in the fire. Love the puppies in the monthly photo. Who are they out of. Answer on the forum, if you would. I am going to pm you on there, anyway. Sunny

Name: Sean, Mark, & Claire Email: 
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Country: INDIANAPOLIS, IN  Date: 

Comment: We id our dig on July 5th in Faith. I found a pelvic bone to an Edmontasarus! I drew the bone on the grid and helped cast it too! It was nice to meet you when you came to Indianapolis in May.

Name: John Lord Email: 
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Country: SOLEN, ND  Date: 

Comment: Just stopping by!

Name: Rae Alcaida Email: 
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Country: LANCASTER, OH  Date: 

Comment: Hi Guys. Everyone looks great. Glad to see you into QuarterHorse racing. Been there myself. Be looking for something in the near future.

Name: Vicky Talley Email: 
Welcome Page:   

Comment: Beautiful design... Congrats on a professional job.. Love you guys & dolls Vicky

Name: Jod Email: 
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Country: ELK CITY, OK  Date: 

Comment: Really like your site.

Name: Reed W. Lamphere Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: NEMO, TX  Date: 

Comment: Great pics & slide show, I use a lot of dogs&looks like yall have the right kind.I know Petes dogs,

Name: Chris & Lil Witt Email: 
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Country: PINE RIDGE, SD  Date: 

Comment: Hi guys, Love your website

Name: Jason Anderson Email: 
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Country: JEROME, ID  Date: 

Comment: Just stopping by!

Name: Jake Patterson Email: 
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Country: ANSLEY, NE  Date: 

Comment: Heck of a set of dogs and horses. Email me if you wanta make a swap sometime. I got a few colts youd probly like.

Name: Don Lemasters Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: APACHE JUNCTION, AZ  Date: 

Comment: Hi Bucky, long time no see.Enjoyed your web site. Really would like to see you. Best wishes.....Don

Name: Nicole Kline Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: MENDEN, MI  Date: 

Comment: Just stopping by!

Name: Mike Berger Email: 
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Country: ST. ANTHONY ND  Date: 8 Jun 2013

Comment: love the video of jod!

Name: Adam & Corey Elliott Email: 
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Country: NEW CONCORD, OHIO  Date: 17 Jun 2013

Comment: Just spoke with you about your Hangin\' Tree dogs. I am really impressed with what you had to say, we share a lot of the same philosophies. Will keep your contact info. in-case I can ever talk my wife into a Hangin\' Tree pup!

Name: Kevin Gibson imi Email:
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Country: MUNCIE,IN  Date: 18 Jun 2013

Comment: Nice meeting you and maybe some day I\'ll make it your way.

Name: Dale Ruenger Email: RuengerDK@aol
Welcome Page:   
Country: BIRNAMWOOD WI.  Date: 20 Aug 2013

Comment: Great website. Found it while checking out HTCs.Your dogs look impressive.

Name: Wanda Green Email:
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Country: STRASBURG, VA.  Date: 22 Oct 2013

Comment: So sorry to hear you all lost a lot of cattle and especially "Krash". Our prayers are with you and family. A second cousin in Virginia.

Name: phil purcelli Email:
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Country: USA  Date: 28 Oct 2013

Comment: Bucky, I rode the plane with you Thursday, October 24, 2013 from Rapid to Minneapolis. I told you T Rex story to my 8 & 5 year old grandsons when they picked me up with their Dad. Great story and great adventure. You also seem to be a good cowboy - my dada was special horseman! Good luck on every adventure.

Name: David Rice Email:
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Country: TEXAS  Date: 14 Nov 2013

Comment: I do farrier horse work around the Dallas Ft Worth area and W. Texas. I have a female border collie kelpie I am working with. I enjoyed watching Jode work, I may try to get to Charlie Trayers next week just enjoy good dogs. Thanks for the help!

Name: Carol & Ron Derflinger Email:
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Country: UNITED STATES  Date: 14 Dec 2013

Comment: Hello Bucky and Marti Jo. Sure would loved to visit your awesome ranch some day and meet a distance relative.

Name: eric phillips Email: emoose70
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Country: SOUTHAMPTON NY  Date: 16 Apr 2014

Comment: like your bead work would like to order a beaded belt ,and would like to known when you would be having more pups for sale

Name: Keiry Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country:   Date: 13 May 2014

Comment: Thank you very much for this great Web site and the wonderful videos you have posted on YouTube. We wish you all the best!

Name: Jim, Stacie and Noah Hill Email:
Welcome Page:   
Country: USA  Date: 18 Oct 2014

Comment: We so enjoyed talking to Bucky at the Indianapolis Children\'s Museum. We talked about our family\'s life long interest in paleontology and archaeology. Our oldest son is an archaeologist with an interest in battle fields. However like every little kid his first love was dinosaurs. We used to watch Bob Baaker. If we are ever in S. Dakota we will come by and check out your ranch.

Name: Mike and Marilyn Bucchi Email: 
Welcome Page:   
Country: BLOOMINGTON, IN  Date: 5 Jan 2015

Comment: Wow! What a great Website! The photos were wonderful to see. God sure has blessed you with some beautiful country and animals out there. Looking forward to your visit to Bloomington soon. The Bucchi\'s

Name: Todd Johnson Email:
Welcome Page:   
Country: USA  Date: 15 Jan 2015

Comment: Would like to be contacted when you hav eyour next litter out of JOD. I\'m loooking for a red female. Thank you, Todd

Name: Rebecca Voreis Email:
Welcome Page:   
Country: MISHAWAKA INDIANA  Date: 7 Jun 2015

Comment: Andrew and Jason, At the INDIANAPOLIS CHILDREN Museum. THANK YOU AGAIN,



Name: Zack Riley Email:
Welcome Page:   
Country: DURANGO, CO  Date: 8 Dec 2015

Comment: Good looking dogs! Hope to buy one!

Name: Melissa Harrison Oswald Email: Jmoswald99@gmail
Welcome Page:   
Country:   Date: 2 Jan 2016

Comment: Hey Bucky, Just wondering if you have any started dogs or puppies for sale? My husband and I raise Hanging Tree pups and just lost our female. We are looking for a replacement.


Name: Filomena Email: 
Welcome Page:  
Country:   Date: 7 Dec 2016 12:43:52 GMT

Comment: Your artwork is absolutely stunning.

Name: kim isaacsEmail:
Welcome Page:   
Country:  Date: 13 Apr 2017 17:07:01 GMT

Comment: I shared your page with one of my students. He was reading a story on fossils and I told him I knew a man who discovered a real t-rex. He of course didn't believe me. The internet proved it! He thinks you are the coolest guy I know. I told him you run a close second to my husband, Mark :)

Name: Michelle AllenEmail:
Welcome Page:   
Country: UNITED STATES Date: 10 Aug 2017 01:00:37 GMT

Comment: Wade asked us to show the kids your site! Love your dogs! & the Dinos! <3 Great Web Page!

Name: robert vignalatsEmail:
Welcome Page:   
Country: USA Date: 13 Oct 2017 00:39:50 GMT

Comment: I want one of your pups I am going to Atlanta for world super pro toss and catch Frisbee we should place real high on 10-21-17 with my 3 year old border collie. she (Josie) needs a sister I can get one of your pups to be world champion I like your dogs a lot and Trump too I am from California live near beach. I have truck and I own a home here and a huge back yard

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Name: Payal SinghEmail:
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Country: INDIA Date: 18 Dec 2017 09:25:47 GMT

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Name: Morgan JohnsonEmail:
Welcome Page:   
Country: VALENTINE NE Date: 11 Jun 2018 00:40:03 GMT

Comment: Love the website and all the great info and videos! But now I want a hanging tree dog and lots of cows!! We respect what you do. ❤️

Name: jasmineEmail:
Welcome Page: 
Country: INDIA Date: 22 Sep 2018 11:20:43 GMT

Comment: Good info.

Name: jennyaroraEmail:
Welcome Page: 
Country: INDIA Date: 22 Sep 2018 11:21:37 GMT

Comment: Good post.

Name: MeenakshiEmail:
Welcome Page:  
Country: INDIA Date: 22 Sep 2018 11:22:30 GMT

Comment: Super post.

Name: Charles BerlinEmail:
Welcome Page:   
Country: UNITED STATES Date: 19 Jan 2019 02:17:36 GMT

Comment: Frankfort, KY. Thanks for sharing information on the T. Rex’s on the flight from RAP to MSP. Awesome!