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(Information taken from the Hangin' Tree Cowdog official website)

Gary Ericsson and his son Choc developed the Hangin Tree Cowdog.The Hangin Tree Cowdog breed was named after the Hangin Tree Ranch.

 The Hangin Tree Cowdog is:

  • A cattledog that is a gathering, retrieving, herding type dog.

  • A tough aggressive dog that has the courage to stand up to and handle all types of cattle.

  • An intelligent dog that is easy to train.

  • A dog with good disposition that is not overly sensitive.

  • A short or slick haired dog that can stand the heat when needed and also shed burs and mud with minimal coat maintenance.

  • A dog with good bone structure that can take the abuse that a cattledog takes from being kicked and ran over.

  • A dog that is deep and wide in the chest with endurance that will stay with you when the going gets tough.

  • A dog that can wind and trail cattle.

  • The Hangin Tree Cowdog is a purebred working dog bred specifically to work cattle.

Gary chose four breeds originally to develop this breed:

  • 3/8 Border Collie for their intense herding instinct and intelligence.

  • 1/8 Catahoula for the ability to trail and find cattle, also for their toughness and slick hair coat.

  • 1/4 Kelpie for endurance and also herding instinct and short hair.

  • 1/4 Australian Shepherd, only a dog named Hangin Tree Black Bear went into this breed. Bear was a super dog with courage and ability to handle any kind of cattle.

The Hangin Tree Cowdog Association Inc. was formed to protect, preserve, and promote this very special breed of dog.

The objectives of The Hangin Tree Cowdog Association Inc. are:

  • To promote and protect the Hangin Tree Cowdog

  • Maintain a pedigree registry for qualified Hangin Tree Cowdogs

  • To further the advancement of the Hangin Tree Cowdog

  • Disseminate knowledge and conduct clinics for the training of dogs and their handlers

  • To do all in its power to advance the interests of the working cowdog

 Owners and breeders of Hangin Tree Cowdogs are encouraged to join and register their dogs with the association. Only qualified Hangin Tree Cowdogs can be registered with the Hangin Tree Cowdog Association Inc.



Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs are considered the ultimate cowboy’s dog. HTCs are bred to work all day in the harshest conditions, with one dog easily replacing 3 good men (or women). These dogs are developed from composite breeding of Catahoula, Kelpie, Australian Shepherd, and Border Collie.

Our dogs are used daily on a cow/calf operation in rough country with absolutely no quit. They are very loyal and are great with kids. Our dogs are guaranteed to work cattle. We regularly have dogs and puppies for sale. Click here for more information and pictures.

  Pics of our cowdogs:


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Pedigree of:

Mikles' Jod

Slick Haired
Born: 4/25/2008
Owner: Bucky Derflinger

Mikles' Smoky

Blue Merle
Slick Haired
Reg #: 2042-1
Born: 4/1/2005

Hangin' Tree Gunny

Blue Merle
Reg #: 2021-1

Hangin' Tree Bat (2)
Reg #: 2013-2
Hangin' Tree Torro
Hangin' Tree Chick
Mikles' Dixie
Reg #: F2010-5
Born: 7/20/2000
Hangin' Tree Top
Born: 12/15/1998
Walking Horse Red
Hangin' Tree Queen of Spades

Reg #: 1026-1
Born: 10/11/1999

Hangin' Tree Torro
Reg #: 781-3
Hangin' Tree Tuffy
Hangin' Tree Jet
Hangin' Tree Spade (3)
Reg #: 829-4
Hangin' Tree Tuffy
Hangin' Tree Patch
Mikles' Dee

Slick Haired
Reg #: 2017-2
Born: 3/18/2001

Walking Horse Boudreaux

Reg #: 2004-2

Hangin' Tree Bat
Reg #: 792-2
Hangin' Tree Torro
Hangin' Tree Brite
Running S Cody
Reg #: 742-1
Walking Horse Red

Red Merle
Reg #: 1003-1

Walking Horse Ready
Reg #: 476-2
Hangin' Tree Bull
Idaho Blue
Walking Horse Tess
Reg #: 591-3
Hangin' Tree Pard
Whip ABC 142269

Videos of Jod:



Pedigree of:

Mikles' Ava

Slick Haired
Born: 9/26/2010
Owner: Bucky Derflinger

Hangin' Tree Gunny
Hangin' Tree Bat

Wolf Creek Dixie

Wolf Creek Kate
Wolf Creek Boots

HT Queen of Spades

Video of Ava:




Pedigree of:


ABC 276919/WCDA
Black/White/Tan, Freckles
Born: 12/10/2005
Owner: Bucky Derflinger

Ardie Tom Moss Craig
Sis Bo
Dot Reg Imp. Dan
Bett Craig ISDS
Dolly Smokey


Jim Chip
Fly Imp. MOT
B.H. Kibbles


Trump Hangin' Tree Scot
Meg Shep


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